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Just One Thing

July 1, 2011

Each and every moment, each and every day you take steps toward where you most want to be. Did you know that right now you are where you most wanted to be? I know you’re thinking, “But there’s so much more I wish I could have or could be! I’m working towards (fill in the blank). I’m not there yet!”

Think about it. Every decision you’ve ever made, every choice, was the most appealing to you at the time and has brought you to exactly where you are now. You may not have known the outcome of each choice, but the decision was yours.

If you’re feeling a little cheated (or annoyed), fear not! You are continuously making new choices. All it takes is just one new decision to change your path. What do you want most in your life right now? (and I don’t mean the super humongous ice cream sundae that will make you feel better about the decisions you’ve made to date!). What will it take to get that? Decide now to (as Nike says) just do it.

If what you want is something big, then you may need to break it down further. What is one little step you can take right now, today, that will take you even an inch closer to what you want? It may not be a huge step, but it’s a step nonetheless. Here’s another chance for you to make a choice. Will you choose to change? Only you can decide.

I want to hear about your choices! This question is on TheLifeWalk FaceBook page.  Share your plans, ask for a cheering section, cheer others on!

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