Community Health

Often we decide to get healthy on our own.  We join a gym, turn on the MP3 player, pop in the earbuds and off we go to work out without being disturbed.  Or we take up running, again with the earbuds blocking out the world so we can exercise in peace.

Consider community health.  Whether it’s a Tai Chi or Zumba class or health & fitness workshop, maintaining health within a community has many benefits.  With a community comes shared energy.  If your energy is low, the others in the group can help lift you up.  When you have more energy, you can share with others.

A community is a place not only to learn and grow, but to share and teach as well.  Your experiences are valuable to others, just as you value their experiences.
How do you embrace the benefits of a community?  This question is on TheLifeWalk Find us on Facebook FaceBook page.  Share your thoughts!

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