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Recharging Your Batteries

November 1, 2011
All too frequently, we reserve one or two weeks a year to go on “vacation” and recharge our batteries, but what do we do the other 50 weeks of the year?
We run the rat race. We suck it up and put our big girl panties on. We work nonstop trying to get everything done with the excuse that we’ll make up for it on the weekend.  Then the weekend comes and we spend it catching up on housework, grocery shopping, and other chores.  It’s time to end all that!
Each day there are small moments to hit the reset button.  The three minutes waiting for the elevator or sitting at the stoplight.  During these moments, take a deep breath and think of something enjoyable: the smile on your child’s face, the flowers blooming or the leaves changing.  Each of these little respites brings your blood pressure down, relaxes your muscles, and allows your brain to take a break.
Often we find that we use longer breaks (in the waiting room while getting your car repaired, for example) to catch up on even more work.  We’re told that it’s being “efficient” and “using our time wisely”.  Why not be really wise and use this down time to read a book or interesting magazine (your own subscription, not just the waiting room leftovers).  Use this time to plug in the MP3 player ear buds and listen to meditative or upbeat music that you enjoy.
Sometimes these little bits of time just aren’t enough.  Then it’s time to schedule down time the same way you schedule your household chores.  Even better, turn the chores into fun time.  Do you enjoy cooking?  Spend a Sunday afternoon cooking healthy and creative meals for the week.  This will give you an afternoon of enjoyment and save some time during the week (where you might take a hot bath after work or read another chapter in that book on your bedside table).  And you might end up with healthier dinner choices as well.
How do you recharge your batteries now?  What will you do to increase your relaxation time?  This question is on TheLifeWalk Find us on Facebook FaceBook page.  Share your thoughts!

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