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Consistantly Changing

February 1, 2012
It is said that the only constant is change. When we set a goal, the idea is to see it through, right? What happens if life changes? If you change? Do you still force yourself to either see it through or be a failure?
What if that goal no longer serves you? What if your life, your interests, your circumstances change and the goal no longer fits? Sometimes we have to let go of the wheel and go with the flow. Staying in touch with your feelings and knowing what’s working and what’s not is a key piece to living a life you enjoy.
How many activities are a part of your life only because you’re stuck in a routine? Have you ever wished you had more time to do things you enjoy? That may be a sign that you need to look at where you are spending your time and make some decisions. What will stay? What has run it’s course and needs to be changed?
Often drastic changes arise out of necessity. I experienced that recently when my computer died. As much of a pain as that was, it forced me to make some new upgrades that were long overdue. My old operating system and office programs were so old that I was forced to find new options for my web design. In doing this, I was able to streamline my website and was inspired to update the logo as well. So the site isn’t perfect, yet, but that’s all part of the process of change. Finishing my current book has also been on hold while I go through these changes, but that’s where I had to let it go and go with the flow.
What needs to change in your life? Where are you stuck in a rut and need to move on? This question is on TheLifeWalk FaceBook page. Share your thoughts!

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