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It’s Your Life…

June 1, 2012

…so why are so many other people and things controlling it? Let’s take a closer look at this question with an excerpt from Finding Balance, Finding Truth:

When was the last time you had total control over your life? Can’t remember?

Maybe it was in college – you hung out with whom you wanted, began making life’s big decisions on your own. Or maybe you spent college creating the life that your professors, school administration, and family wanted for you.

Maybe it was your teen years – you had few cares in the world. Or maybe you were living up to your coach, guidance counselor, or parents’ dreams.

How about in elementary school – you had no job, little homework, and playtime after school, but you were still told when to get up and go to bed, what to eat, and what to wear.

Infancy is probably the closest we’ve ever come to being in control, and even then we didn’t have total control. If we were hungry, someone fed us. We didn’t have to worry about where our food came from. If we made a mess, someone cleaned it up for us. We had no responsibilities, but then again, we weren’t really mobile or verbal… heck, for a long time we didn’t even know where our own hand went once it was out of sight!

Then something happened. We became more and more in charge of our lives as we got older. The more responsible we became, the more in control we should have become. What happened for most of us is that the more responsible we became for our own lives, the more we gave the control over to others to dictate our life activities. Then guess what happened? We became frustrated, bored, resentful, unhappy, uninspired. And we blame everyone except ourselves.

It’s your life. Are you doing things you enjoy with people  you like? What are you going to do about it?

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Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering

March 1, 2012
Often our physical environment reflects our emotional environment. When we’re feeling in the dumps, our home or office and even the car may start to look a little ‘dumpy’. This works the other way as well… our physical environment can influence our emotions. When the house or office is cluttered, often our life feels cluttered.
Clear your life by doing a little housecleaning. Even just tackling one room can make a difference. Clear the kitchen counter of all bills, papers, and junk. Clean up the bedroom, putting all laundry in a basket, washing the sheets and blankets and making the bed.
If you want to go all out, pretend you’re moving. Go through every room, space by space, drawer by drawer and get rid of everything you don’t want to pack to take with you. If you wouldn’t take it with you in a move, why keep it around if you’re staying?
Once you’ve gone through this process, take a break and see how you feel. When you’re ready, go through your life – your calendar, your addressbook, your emotional attachments and do a similar clearing. Look at weekly or monthly obligations that no longer are of interest to you and work on eliminating them from your calendar.
The life clearing is a little more difficult to do than the physical cleaning. If you’re serious about reworking your life to include only those things that make you happy and move you forward, check out Life Management 101.
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Who Can Heal You?

September 1, 2011
We turn to medical professionals, alternative practitioners, self-help books, even psychics, but who can really heal us?  If you’ve spent much time and money on books, lying on massage tables, being poked, prodded, and questioned you may not like the answer.

While practitioners can offer assistance, only YOU can heal you.

That might not be the news you wanted to hear, but if you think about it, it’s a great position to be in.  You are now in control.  You get to decide how to approach your healing path.  You choose who comes along for the ride with you and who is left behind (which can often make a huge difference on your health and healing).

 You may have heard of people who have tried every technique available to quit smoking, but they just can’t kick the habit while others simply quit.  The mind is a very powerful part of healing.  And without the will, healing is nearly impossible.  Take the example of smoking: when you truly decide that smoking will no longer be a part of your life, then it will no longer be a part of your life.  You may need the aid of patches or pills to assist with the physical withdrawel symptoms, but your desire for smoking will no longer be there as a temptation.

Maybe you want to improve your health: balance blood sugar or cholesterol, lose weight, or build endurance.  Whatever your goal, your will to achieve it is the best tool you have.  There is no magic pill or potion that will cause you to lose weight if you choose to remain sedentary and continue to eat foods your body cannot tolerate.

Something else to keep in mind as you decide to change your life: who will you bring along for the ride, and who will get kicked off the bus?  If you are surrounded by people who don’t share your optimism or are determined to hold you back with their own habits, you may want to consider associating with and befriending those who are more in line with your goals.Your options on how to create health and wellness are boundless!  What will you choose?

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