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An Exercise in Procrastination

May 20, 2012

So here it is, ten years later.  I never thought of being a writer, no less publishing a book.  OK, so I’m not really a writer.  I  don’t weave enchanting tales that captivate audiences (much like a book triology I just read and couldn’t put down).  I write to teach.  I write about what I enjoy teaching and that’s health, wellness, and how to create a perfect life.

Really?  A perfect life?  Yup.  And your perfect life is different from that person living next door or in the office down the hall.  What I teach is how to find the “perfect you” inside you.  So, back to this writing thing.  I’m not really a writer.  I just happen to write about what I do (and what I hope you will do too).  If we all do it, I believe this world would be a much better place.  Each of us doing his own thing, being true to her own heart, and all the while respecting each others’ being and doing-ness. Um, is that a word?  “Doing-ness”?  Well, since I am a writer (of sorts), I say it is, so let’s get on with it.  So I write, and now I’ve written and published – yay me!

OK, thanks, but it wasn’t all that easy.  The content was there.  It’s been there for ten years.  It changed format a couple of times, but for some reason the book format just wasn’t forthcoming.  I had every excuse not to get it done: big life changes, little life changes, making ice cream, feeding the cat.  You know, the usual excuses.  It was truly an exercise in procrastination for me.

I don’t typically think of myself as a procrastinator, but this project just wasn’t going to happen.  But now, here it is.  All prettily packaged with a cover and dedication page.  I even spent hours on end getting it into e-book format (this is the 21st century after all) though I don’t even own one of those e-reader things.  I like my dog-eared pages and pencil notes in the margins. But I digress.

I’m not sure what finally gave me the final push.  My life has been more settled, focused, free. Maybe it was being able to just enjoy the being-ness of it all that the doing-ness finally kicked in.  Add now it’s finally done.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  What if nobody likes it?  What if it only gets the “pity purchases” from friends and family?  Yeah, you’re right. Who cares?  This one’s for me.  Maybe if I re-read the darn thing I’d have realized long ago that it’s all for me.

You can check out the paperback here or ebook here  It’s just a little book with a big call to action.

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